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We launched in 2017 to make the easiest API for crypto prices. Since then, 31,000+ users signed up already.

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What do you get?

Real-time prices

Add real-time prices of coins like BTC, DOGE and thousands more to your application or website through our websocket streaming service.

Historical price data

Get more than 10 years of historical price data from our API to create beautiful price charts in your app.

Free and paid subscriptions

Use our free API subscription a try-out project and our paid ones if you need more api calls and in-depth crypto price data.

High availability


With high availability and redundancy, optimal operational performance is ensured, even when Bitcoin spikes and FOMO is at the highest.

Low latency


Our network will automatically connect you to one of our 90+ global edge locations, to give you the fastest response times.

Rich metadata

For all coins listed you get circulating supplies, social links, logos, block explorers, sparklines, and more. We’ve got it all.

Who uses Coinranking API?


Oracles use Coinranking’s real-time price data to empower smart contracts. This allows DeFi projects to be accurate and reliable.

Fiat gateways

Fiat gateways have integrated our API into their platforms to offer their users crypto prices in their preferred fiat currency.

Staking validators

Coinranking API is being used by staking validators to let their users monitor their staking rewards in real-time and maximize their rewards.

Analytics tools

Cryptocurrency companies are supercharging their analytics tools with Coinranking API's comprehensive and real-time price data.

News websites

To keep their readers informed with the latest crypto market data, news websites easily integrated our API into their products.

Crypto wallets

Coinranking API enables crypto investors to accurately track their portfolio’s performance, through data integrations into wallet apps.

Already 31.000+ users

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