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When using our API in your project, please let your visitors know by adding the following reference: Data provided by Coinranking


Version 2 of the Coinranking API is currently in beta. This means some breaking changes might still be made and availability is not guaranteed. If you want to try out this new API, generate a key and start experimenting!

If you do start developing, we would love to hear back from you! Feature requests, unclear documentation, other suggestions, let us know.

Older API versions

The documentation for API v1 is still online. API v1 will be deprecated once v2 is out of beta. Once deprecated the api will remain available for a still-to-be-determined amount of time.


The Coinranking API uses API keys to authenticate requests.

Authentication to the API is performed via a custom HTTP header. Provide your API key as the value of the X-Access-Token, like x-access-token: 53a0b0a7e4f2fa59519e4. Use our key generator to get a free API key.

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will redirect to HTTPS.


curl \
  -H x-access-token: 53a0b0a7e4f2fa59519e4

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