Get coin price history

Coinranking keeps track of prices on all listed assets. The history endpoint lists prices and their timestamp for the requested time period, useful for making a chart.

On Coinranking, we use this endpoint for the main price chart on our coin detail page.

GET /coin/:uuid/history

Path parameters

uuid StringUUID of the coin you want to request

Query parameters

Parameter Description
timePeriod (optional) String

Timeperiod where the change and history are based on

Default value: 24h
Allowed values:
1h 3h 12h 24h 7d 30d 3m 1y 3y 5y

referenceCurrencyUuid (optional) String

UUID of reference currency, in which all the prices are calculated. Defaults to US Dollar

Default value: yhjMzLPhuIDl


Code examples


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "status": "success",
  "data": {
    "change": "12",
    "history": [
        "price": "41905.99687434882803047615",
        "timestamp": 1641897900
        "price": "41937.93174219252237197408",
        "timestamp": 1641897600

Response fields

status String

Status of the request

Allowed values:
data Object
data.change String

Percentage of change over the given time frame

data.history Object[]

List of prices

data.history.price String

Price of the coin

data.history.timestamp Number

An Epoch timestamp in seconds when the coin had the given price.

Error response

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
  "status": "fail",
  "type": "COIN_NOT_FOUND",
  "message": "Coin not found"

Error responses