Reference currencies

The price of a coin is shown in a reference currency. Currencies include, but are not limited to, coins. In contrast to coins, currencies also includes Fiat currencies like US Dollar, EURO, YEN and more. Furthermore, currencies also comprehends denominators as Satoshi and Wei (these are the atomic units for respectively Bitcoin and Ethereum, or - perhaps overly simplified - one could compare them with what the cent is to the Dollar.)

Get list of reference currencies

Get a list of reference currencies, which can be used as reference for coins. The response includes all the essentials for this use-case, such as the symbol (e.g. USD) and - if available - the sign (e.g. $).

GET /reference-currencies

Query parameters

Parameter Description
limit (optional) Number

Limit. Used for pagination. The maximum amount of results you can fetch in one request is 5000 for the Startup and Professional plan, and 100 for the Free plan.

Default value: 20
Size range: 0-5000

offset (optional) Number

Offset. Used for pagination

Default value: 0

types (optional) Array

A currency is one of three types: coin (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), fiat (US Dollar, Euro, Yen, etc.) or a denominator (e.g. Satoshi). Filter the response by providing one or more types.

Allowed values:
coin fiat denominator

search (optional) String

Filter the results by searching for currency names or symbols.


Code examples


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "status": "success",
  "data": {
    "stats": {
      "total": 3
    "currencies": [
        "uuid": "Qwsogvtv82FCd",
        "type": "coin",
        "symbol": "BTC",
        "name": "Bitcoin",
        "iconUrl": "",
        "sign": "₿"
        "uuid": "razxDUgYGNAdQ",
        "type": "coin",
        "symbol": "ETH",
        "name": "Ethereum",
        "iconUrl": "",
        "sign": "Ξ"
        "uuid": "yhjMzLPhuIDl",
        "type": "fiat",
        "symbol": "USD",
        "name": "US Dollar",
        "iconUrl": "",
        "sign": "$"

Response fields

status String

Status of the request

Allowed values:
data Object
data.stats Object Number

Total number of coins

data.currencies Object[]

List of reference currencies

data.currencies.uuid String

UUID of the reference currency

data.currencies.type String

The type of the currency can be either 'coin' (BTC, ETH, etc.), 'fiat' (USD, EUR, etc.) or 'denominator' (Satoshi, Wei, etc.)

data.currencies.symbol String

Currency symbol String

Name of the currency

data.currencies.iconUrl String

Location of the icon

data.currencies.sign String

Some currencies have a symbol, like $ for USD and ₿ for BTC

Error response

HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity
  "status": "fail",
  "message": "limit must be at least 1 and most 100"

Error responses