Get list of coins

Get a list of coins. On Coinranking, we use this endpoint on our home page.

Be aware that by default the list includes coins with tier 1, 2 and 3. This results in little-known coins with large market caps ranking on top. If you only want to show 'quality coins', then you should filter on tier 1.

Coins are by default ordered by their rank, which - somewhat simplified - means that they are ordered on market cap. The response not only returns a list of coins, but also statistics regarding the requested list, such as the volume in the last 24 hours. If you need all our coins at once, check out our metadata endpoint.

GET /coins

Query parameters

Parameter Description
referenceCurrencyUuid (optional) String

UUID of reference currency, in which all the prices are calculated. This includes the price, the change and the sparkline. Defaults to US Dollar

Default value: yhjMzLPhuIDl

timePeriod (optional) String

By setting the timePeriod the change percentage and sparkline in the response will be calculated accordingly.

Default value: 24h
Allowed values:
1h 3h 12h 24h 7d 30d 3m 1y 3y 5y

symbols (optional) Array

Symbols to filter the list on. Do note that symbols are not unique. Should you need a specific coin, then you should use the uuids filter.

contractAddresses (optional) Array

contract Addresses to filter the list on. These are the addresses currencies get on their respective blockchains. Smart Contract Addresses are a common name for addresses on blockchains, but some chains might call them AssetID, Token Address or something else. We use the term Contract Address to cover all these cases. Note that tokens might be issued on several blockchains, so the same token might have several addresses

blockchains (optional) Array

Blockchains to filter the list on. With this filter you can for example fetch only coins that are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. You can filter on multiple blockchains at once.

uuids (optional) Array

UUIDs to filter the list on. If you know the UUIDs of the coins you want to fetch, you can use this filter to get the specific coins.

tiers (optional) Array

We separate coins into three tiers. With this parameter you can filter coins on the tiers you need. Read more about out our tiers in our methodology.

Allowed values:
1 2 3

tags (optional) Array

Tags to filter the list on.

Allowed values:
defi stablecoin nft dex exchange staking dao meme privacy metaverse gaming wrapped layer-1 layer-2 fan-token football-club web3 social

orderBy (optional) String

Index to order by. All sortings excluding listedAt still take our different tiers of coins into account, read more about it in our methodology.

Default value: marketCap
Allowed values:
price marketCap 24hVolume change listedAt

search (optional) String

Filter the results by searching for coin names or symbols.

scopeId (optional) String

A scope can be used to make a subset of the coin list. To be used in combination with scopeLimit. The scopeId defines a subset, while the scopeLimit defines the size of the subset. Subsequently, any orderBy and orderDirection you choose is applied on the subset. This can be used if you want to sort a subset of coins, while the set itself is ordered by market cap or volume. We use it to make our 'Best Performers' list on Coinranking, where we show the coins that increased the most out of the top 200 highest ranked coins.

Default value: marketCap
Allowed values:
marketCap 24hVolume

scopeLimit (optional) Number

The scopeLimit defines the size of a scoped subset of coins. To be used in combination with scopeId. For more explanation, see scopeId.

Default value: 100

orderDirection (optional) String

Applies direction to the orderBy query, which can be in ascending or descending order.

Default value: desc
Allowed values:
desc asc

limit (optional) Number

Limit. Used for pagination. The maximum amount of results you can fetch in one request is 5000 for the Startup and Professional plan, and 100 for the Free plan.

Default value: 50
Size range: 0-5000

offset (optional) Number

Offset. Used for pagination.

Default value: 0

minVolume (optional) Number

Filter the results by a minimum 24h volume.


Code examples


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "status": "success",
  "data": {
    "stats": {
      "total": 3,
      "totalCoins": 10000,
      "totalMarkets": 35000,
      "totalExchanges": 300,
      "totalMarketCap": "239393904304",
      "total24hVolume": "503104376.06373006"
    "coins": [
        "uuid": "Qwsogvtv82FCd",
        "symbol": "BTC",
        "name": "Bitcoin",
        "color": "#f7931A",
        "iconUrl": "",
        "marketCap": "159393904304",
        "price": "9370.9993109108",
        "listedAt": 1483228800,
        "change": "-0.52",
        "rank": 1,
        "sparkline": [
        "coinrankingUrl": "",
        "24hVolume": "6818750000"
        "btcPrice": "1",
        "contractAddresses": []
        "uuid": "HIVsRcGKkPFtW",
        "symbol": "USDT",
        "name": "Tether USD",
        "color": "#22a079",
        "iconUrl": "",
        "marketCap": "96683907099",
        "price": "1.0001610860600088",
        "listedAt": 1420761600,
        "tier": 1,
        "change": "0.12",
        "rank": 3,
        "sparkline": [
        "lowVolume": false,
        "coinrankingUrl": "",
        "24hVolume": "129352463266",
        "btcPrice": "0.000020055313576108",
        "contractAddresses": [
          "avalanche-c-chain/0x9702230a8ea53601f5cd2dc00fdbc13d4df4a8c7 ",

Response fields

Property Description
status String

Status of the request

Allowed values:
data Object
data.stats Object

A series of statistics regarding the requested list. Note that the stats its scope includes coins outside the limit. E.g. the response of a query with a limit of 50 coins returns 50 coins (obviously), while the stats depicts the amount of coins available, 24 hour volume, etc. without this limit, which may be a much higher number. Number

Total number of coins within the query

data.stats.totalCoins Number

Total number of coins without the filters

data.stats.totalMarkets Number

Total number of markets without the filters

data.stats.totalExchanges Number

Total number of exchanges without the filters

data.stats.totalMarketCap String

The market capital of coins without the filters

data.stats.total24hVolume String

The volume over the last 24 hours of coins without the filters

data.coins Object[]

List of coins

data.coins.uuid String

UUID of the coin

data.coins.symbol String

Currency symbol String

Name of the coin

data.coins.color String

Main HEX color of the coin

data.coins.iconUrl String

Location of the icon

data.coins.24hVolume String

24h trade volume

data.coins.marketCap String

Market capitalization. Price times circulating supply

data.coins.price String

Price of the coin

data.coins.btcPrice String

Price of the coin expressed in Bitcoin

data.coins.listedAt Number/null

Epoch timestamp of when we started listing the coin.

data.coins.change String

Percentage of change over the given time period

data.coins.rank Number

The position in the ranks

data.coins.sparkline String

Array of prices based on the time period parameter, useful for a sparkline

data.coins.coinrankingUrl String

Where to find the coin on

data.coins.contractAddresses Object[]

List of contract addresses for this coin. The format is blockchain/contractAddress. A single coin can be minted on multiple blockchains. For example, Tether (USDT) is available on Ethereum (ethereum/0xda...) Bitcoin Cash (bitcoin-cash/9fc...) and seven other blockchains.

Error response

HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity
  "status": "fail",
  "message": "Reference currency with UUID of HxDUgYGNAdQz not available"

Error responses