Get coin supply modifiers

professional This endpoint requires the professional plan or higher

Get the supply modifiers of a coin. These modifiers are the balances that are subtracted from the total supply in order to get the circulating supply. The balances we use as modifiers are from addresses that are considered not to be in circulation, such as addresses that hold burned or premined coins.

GET /coin/:uuid/modifiers

Path parameters

uuid StringUUID of the coin you want to request the modifiers for.

Query parameters

Parameter Description
limit (optional) Number

Limit. Used for pagination

Default value: 50
Size range: 0-100

offset (optional) Number

Offset. Used for pagination

Default value: 0

orderBy (optional) String

Order of the modifiers can be either when they were added (createdAt) or by amount

Default value: createdAt
Allowed values:
amount createdAt

orderDirection (optional) String

Applies direction to the orderBy query, which can be in ascending or descending order.

Default value: desc
Allowed values:
desc asc


Code examples


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "status": "success",
  "data": {
    "total": 3,
    "modifiers": [
        "blockchainName": "Neo",
        "blockExplorerUrl": "",
        "name": "Foundation",
        "reference": "Ae2d6qj91YL3LVUMkza7WQsaTYjzjHm4z1",
        "syncedAt": 1593436560,
        "amount": "14146080"

Response fields

status String

Status of the request

Allowed values:
data Object Number

Total number of modifiers for the coin's supply.

data.modifiers Object
data.modifiers.blockchainName String

Name of the blockchain to which this modifier applies.

data.modifiers.blockExplorerUrl String

URL to block explorer. String

Name we have given the modifier.

data.modifiers.reference String

Address of the modifier.

data.modifiers.syncedAt Number/null

Epoch timestamp in seconds when the amount has last been synced.

data.modifiers.amount String/null

Balance on the address retrieved at the syncedAt time.

Error response

HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity
  "status": "fail",
  "messages": [
    "Limit can only be between 1 and 100."

Error responses