Get exchange coin listings

professional This endpoint requires the professional plan or higher

Find coins listed on a specific exchange. On Coinranking, we use this endpoint on our exchange coin listings page.

GET /exchange/:uuid/coins

Path parameters

uuid String

UUID of the exchange you want to request

Query parameters

Parameter Description
referenceCurrencyUuid (optional) String

UUID of reference currency, which rate is used to calculate the volume. Defaults to US Dollar

Default value: yhjMzLPhuIDl

limit (optional) Number

Limit. Used for pagination. The maximum amount of results you can fetch in one request is 5000 for the Startup and Professional plan, and 100 for the Free plan.

Default value: 50
Size range: 0-5000

offset (optional) Number

Offset. Used for pagination

Default value: 0

orderBy (optional) String

Index to sort on. Default is 24h volume

Default value: 24hVolume
Allowed values:
24hVolume price numberOfMarkets

orderDirection (optional) String

order in ascending or descending order

Default value: desc
Allowed values:
asc desc

search (optional) String

Filter the results by searching for coin names or symbols.


Code examples


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "status": "success",
  "data": {
    "stats": {
      "total": 3
    "coins": [
        "rank": 3,
        "uuid": "ETHxDUgYGNAdQ",
        "symbol": "ETH",
        "name": "Ethereum",
        "iconUrl": "",
        "price": "203",
        "btcPrice": "0.3",
        "24hVolume": "380",
        "numberOfMarkets": 2,
        "coinrankingUrl": ""
        "rank": 2,
        "uuid": "USDxDUgYGNAdQ",
        "symbol": "USDT",
        "name": "Tether",
        "iconUrl": "",
        "price": "1",
        "btcPrice": "0.0055573924999568905",
        "24hVolume": "2795542.586905519",
        "numberOfMarkets": 2,
        "coinrankingUrl": ""

Response fields

status String

Status of the request

Allowed values:
data Object
data.stats Object Number

Total number of exchanges

data.coins Object[]
data.coins.rank String

The rank for this coin in this exchange

data.coins.uuid String

UUID of the coin

data.coins.symbol String

Currency symbol String

Name of the coin

data.coins.iconUrl String

Location of the icon

data.coins.price String

Price of the coin

data.coins.btcPrice String

Price of the coin expressed in Bitcoin.

data.coins.24hVolume String

24h trade volume

data.coins.numberOfMarkets Number

The amount of markets this coin is exchanged in on this exchange

data.coins.coinrankingUrl String

Where to find the coin on

Error response

HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity
  "status": "fail",
  "message": "Reference currency not available"

Error responses